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Consotherapy for Health Care: The Dao of Health

What is Dao? The Chinese character “” means “The Way”. The Dao of health means the right way of health.  The well-known Chinese phrase “Yang Sheng Zhi Dao”  explicitly points to “The Dao of Health”. Consotherapy, which is established by Dr. Jeffrey Zhongxue Mah ( Zhongxue Ma), includes “The Dao of Health” and “The Dao of Anticancer”.

There are five principles of health in the “Dao of Health” system in consotherapy. Below is a brief description of the contents. For more information, please read Dr. Mah’s monograph: A Second Chance: Approaching Cancer through Chinese Medicine.


1. The Dao of Healthy Emotion

Based on traditional Chinese Medicine, health is affected by seven types of emotions for all people, regardless of their nationalities, races, and regions. These emotions are joy, anger, worry, over-thinking, sadness, fear, and fright. Each emotion affects different organ system. Joy affects the Heart system and its functions; Anger affects the Liver system and its functions; Worry and over-thinking affect the Spleen system and its functions; Sadness affects the Lung system and its functions; Fear and fright affect the Kidney system and its functions. Certain emotional changes affect certain parts of the body, and excessive emotional changes are detrimental to the health. The Emotional Theory provides a guideline for disease prevention through controlling emotions. For example, we need to remind ourselves to calm down when feeling angry so that the functions of the Liver system would not be negatively affected.


2. The Dao of Healthy Diet

There are two methods, the first is the use of food. Food can be classified into five types based on their colors: green, red, yellow, white and black/dark purple. Food of different colors affect health differently. Green food benefits the liver; red food improves the heart function; yellow food nourishes the spleen; white food is good for the lung; and black/dark purple food makes the kidney work better. Based on this theory, food with all these colors should be considered in order to result in a balanced influence on the inner organs of our bodies. 

The second method is the use of Chinese medicine supplement. For example, goji berry is frequently used by Chinese medicine doctors as one of the ingredients in their prescriptions. The general public also uses it to make soup. Therefore, herbs that serve both purposes are called Chinese medicine supplement, or Yao Shi (藥食) in Chinese.


3. The Dao of Healthy Lifestyle

The healthy living habit is embedded in our daily routine activities. People who would like to establish good living habits should pay attention to the following things:

First, maintain a regular schedule. As an ancient Chinese proverb says: “Get up on sunrise and go to bed on sunset”. In other words, lives are active when the sun rises. If people get up with the sun, it will activate the positive energies in the body. After the sun sets, everything becomes dormant. If people take rest at this time, positive energy can then be saved and restored. Taking rest does not necessarily mean going to bed or sleep right after dark; it means that we can do some activities different from daytime , such as taking a walk, looking at the sunset, singing, dancing, or having a cup of tea and relax. You might want to ask: “When would be a proper time to go to bed?” The time for going to bed and taking a nap is called “Zi Shi and Wu Shi”. “Zi Shi” means midnight. We should finish activities and lay on bed around eleven o’clock and fall asleep before twelve midnight, because midnight is the coldest time of the day in nature. The positive energy goes down to the lowest point, thus we must rest and stop consuming the positive energy. “Wu Shi” means noon time. Taking a fifteen to thirty minutes nap at noon is beneficial for us after we consume the positive energy the whole morning. Taking a break at noon gives our body a chance to regain the energy for afternoon work. 

Second, eat appropriately. This refers to that we should dine at regular time and with a proper amount. In the morning when the sun rises, our body needs quality food to promote the positive energy. The principle of "Zao Chi Hao”  refers to eating nutritious food in the morning. At noon, the most productive time of the day, the digestive function of our body is the strongest. Therefore, we need a relatively larger portion of food to produce energy for the afternoon. This is what is so called” Zhong Chi Bao” , which means eating a wide variety of food and to be full at noon. In the evening, when the sun sets, the positive energy of the nature declines, and the digestive function of human body is also decreasing. Therefore, it is better that we eat some light food and don’t get ourselves stuffed. Being 80% full is the best. “Wan Chi Shao” thus refers to eating less food at dinner time.

Third, refrain from smoking and drinking. Both cigarettes and alcohol provide certain levels of stimulation to the body. It has been well documented that cigarettes and alcohol can cause serious damages to the body. Cigarettes, including second-hand smoking, contribute to the development of lung cancer, heart disease, cerebral paralysis, digestive ulcer, progeria, amenorrhea, premature birth, miscarriage, fragile bones, mental handicap and low birth weight, children bronchitis, wheezing, and tympanitis. Drinking too much may cause damages to the liver, stomach, intestine, lung and would also result in obesity. Therefore, quitting smoking and drinking is very important for health maintenance. 

Fourth, exercise regularly. Exercising produces Yang (positive) energy; quietness generates Yin (negative) energy. The Yang energy helps the body to warm up and promotes the metabolism, and the Yin energy nourishes human body and delivers the nutrition. Therefore, our body needs both work and break. The over-working or over-quietness both damage the body, just as the following sayings said:

Long-time sitting damages the muscle system.

Long-time walking damages the tendon system.

Long-time standing damages the bone system.

Long-time resting damages the blood vessel system.

Long-time talking damages the "qi" or energy system.


4. The Dao of Healthy Environment

In Consotherapy theory, the environment is separated into internal and external parts. We already talked about how to take care of the internal environment through healthy emotion, healthy diet, and healthy lifestyle. Here we are going to focus on the external environment.

External environment is everything outside the human body, which includes the environment we created for living and working. There are five factors that would affect our health in the environment, they are: air, sun, water, geography and facilities.  The most important factor that affects our health is weather, which is related to air.

In springtime, when the weather turns warm, lives start to wake up, and the positive energy of the nature restores. We should follow the flow of the season and be optimistic and active. Try not to be depressed because being depressed will eliminate the positive energy in our bodies. We should be generous. We should give more and fight less; reward more and punish less. By doing so, we will be able to get along with our friends and family well. We can sleep late and get up early, fall the hair down loosely, stretch the body more, and walk in the garden and appreciate the beauty of nature. Spring is the season of maintaining the liver, so we can eat some mild spicy and sweet food in the spring to facilitate the positive energy of the liver. But please avoid the sour food, because sour food will suppress the development the positive energy in the liver.

During summer, the sunlight is strong, and temperature is high. Everything on the earth is flourishing. We need to be peaceful in the summer, and avoid being angry. The combination of the hot weather and over heat of the body will damage our health. Summer is a good time for work and study. As for sleep, we can also sleep late and get up early. But please make sure that during sleep the fan is not blowing directly at you, and avoid having the air conditioner on for the whole night. Also you don't want to stay in the cold water for too long. Summer is the season of maintaining the heart, so we should eat more warm and mild spicy food instead of cold and bitter food.

Fall is the season of harvest, everything on the earth matures. At this time, the positive energy of the nature starts to decline, and the negative energy starts to increase. The temperature difference is big, which also affects people's emotions. People easily feel sad and depress when they see the plants withered. So, it’s important to stay calm to keep the lung healthy. As for sleep, it’s better to sleep early and get up early. Fall is the season of maintaining the lung. Because the weather tends to be drier in fall, our bodies may become dry too. We need to eat some more sour food, drink more water, and decrease the consumption of spicy food.

In the winter, the water is frozen and everything on the earth enters the stage of hiding and sleeping. We should then follow the nature and rest more. Avoid the excitement of emotions, especially the emotions of afraid, being scared, and upset. Only when the inner peace grows with the Yang energy in our body, we can be ready for the challenges of the following year.  We should then sleep early and not have to wake up until the sun is up. By doing so, we would have enough time to grow the Yang energy. In addition, the winter is the season for maintaining kidney. Since the salty taste goes into the kidney, we should then eat more bitter food and avoid the salty food.


Consotherapy for Cancer Patient

According to a study of cancer, consotherapy now is extensively to use to improve the immunity of a cancer patient. The core product names Tian Xian Cao Yi hao, or Consomate One.

What is the meaning of Tian Xian Cao? It contains three Chinese characters: tian, xian, and cao. "Tian Xian" refers to a goddess, and 'Cao" means herb.

600 years ago, Chinese Ming Dynasty, a pharmaceutical giant book, "Ben Cao Gang Mu “ ( Compendium of Materia Medica) records: there is an herb naturally grown in hillsides. Its green leaves strangely wrapping rich sand-like particles. Dr. Li Shi Zhen, the author, exclaimed: "God made." The "sand" is named as Hai Jin Sha ( Gold in the sea).  The leave is then named as Tian Xian Cao (Goddess Herb).

Nowadays, Tian Xian Cao becomes one of important ingredient in Consotherapy to help cancer patients.


Consotherapy for Difficult Cases: The individualized herbal pills

For some people, they are still in sub-health even if they do follow the above four principles of the Dao of Health. Those people need help from specific herbal medicine. That is the very reason Dr. Jeffery Mah invented the individualized herbal pills.

What are individualized herbal pills?

The herbal products of Chinese medicine in market are directed for everybody.  They are good for common diseases. However, they cannot be used for a lot of specific cases. Dr. Jeffrey Zhongxue Mah invented the theory of individual pills. Their functions are as same as raw herbal medicines cooked for individuals, but they are more convenient to take,  and easier for patients who are suffering from chronic diseases or those people who needs personalized health care.