Union Acupuncture Center



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  • Internal medicine and Pediatrics breathing digestbrain and heart vessels urinary system metabolismand incretion problems.
  • Gynecology Common gynecological problems vibriosiscare during pregnancy care after child delivery, etc.
  • Ache center headacheshoulderwaistand legs aches or nervous that caused by all kinds of reasons.
  • Nasal and skin allergy.
  • Male problems Impotence Praecox ejaculation Sterilehypertrophy of the prostate, etc.
  • Cosmetologybreakouts, skin-aging poor breast development and weight control and lose.
  • Union pharmacyprovide over 300 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine and more than 100 kinds of Chinese patent medicine. Besides serving Union Acupuncture Center we also accept prescriptions from other Chinese medicine institute and sale quality Chinese medicine.






Dr. Jeffrey Mah

Dr. Zhiqiang Shao

Dr. Jingshan Feng

Dr. Rui Li

Dr. Yaping Chen